How We Do It

The Recipe for Great Draft Beer:

  • The freshest possible product
  • A regularly cleaned and trouble-free dispensing system
  • Proper storage and draft serving temperatures
  • “Beer clean” glassware
  • The perfect pour

Did you know…

  • That draft beer is the most profitable item offfered in most bars and restaurants? (The national average is $280 profit per half barrel.)
  • That draft line cleaning is required twice monthly by the State of Ohio?
  • That draft beer is a food product and should be handled and stored as such?
  • That draft beer is not pasteurized and needs to be refrigerated and rotated at all times?
    (The average shelf life is 45 days.)
  • That an improperly cleaned draft system can cost you thousands of dollars per year?
  • That untrained bartenders and servers can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year?
  • That properly cleaned glassware is essential to serving great tasting draft beer?